5 Tips to Make Your Home Seem Cozier for an Open House

February 26, 2020

There are many things to plan for as you consider your upcoming open house. You have likely heard that it is wise to remove personal belongings, photos, etc. so that people who visit can imagine living there if they buy your house. However, doing so can sometimes leave a home feeling that it has no personality. Consider the following five tips that can help you make the home seem cozier for an upcoming open house. Start by Setting the Mood Simple things can make it feel cozier at the open house. Light candles to improve the lighting, the smell, and […]

A Small Kitchen Doesn’t Have to be a Deal Breaker: Learn How to Make it Work

February 19, 2020

As potential buyers look at homes for sale, they generally have some idea of what they must have, what they want, and what they do not want. In many cases, they say they absolutely must have a big kitchen. We have found that if a house is otherwise perfect, buying a home with a small kitchen can actually be easier than you think. Check out these ideas on how to make it work and then contact at to find the right home for you. Donate Unneeded Items You may have cupboards and drawers full of kitchen gadgets that you spent […]

Unique Tips to Move into a Smaller Home Successfully

February 12, 2020

No matter why you are buying a smaller home, whether because it is all you can afford, you want less space, or another reason entirely, there are steps you can take to help it be as successful as possible. Check out these unique tips and don’t forget to read the tips for buyers provided by . Only Live with Someone Whom Will Work with You If you are planning to share the small space with another person, make sure that you are choosing someone who will help you keep the space clean and tidy. These chores can add up in […]

Where Does This Go? Find the Best Spots for Hard-to-Place Items in Your Home

February 5, 2020

No matter how organized you are, there are always items in the home that seem to have nowhere to go. Where do you put your clothing when it is not in season? What about a large shoe collection when you buy a home with a small closet? Short of selling your home and buying a larger one, consider these other options to find a place for everything in your home. If you are in the market for a new home, contact at for the help you need. Where to Put Offseason Wardrobes? Having a bed that is a few feet […]

3 Reasons Larger Homes Are Coming Back into Fashion

January 28, 2020

In recent years, tiny homes and smaller spaces have become very popular. At we see this trend begin to end for three main reasons. Read on to find out what they are and then contact us at if you are looking to buy a home. More People Are Working from Home Today’s generation is much more likely to work from home at least part of the time. As a result, the interest in home offices is much higher than ever before. What was once a two-bedroom home is now considered a one-bedroom home with an office. For this reason, many […]

4 Strange Stats That Could Make Your Home Worth More Than You Think

January 23, 2020

Every homeowner would like to find ways to increase the value of their home but in truth there are some very surprising factors that could affect how much your home would sell for. Read on to learn four examples and then contact at if you would like to speak to a real estate professional who can help you. How Close You Are to a Coffee Shop xNot just any coffee shop though – a house’s proximity to a Starbucks seems to affect its price. According to one report, homes within .25 miles of a Starbucks when up in value by […]

Are You Considering Buying a New Construction Home? Ask These Essential Questions Before Making Up Your Mind

January 14, 2020

If you are looking to buy a brand-new home, you will have lots of options in California. However, not all new homes are created equal. Making this type of investment requires that you take advantage of the best tips for buyers – including these essential questions to ask before choosing a new construction home. Are You Offering Any Financial Incentives for Using Your Lender and/or Title Company? It is often the case that you are not able to negotiate much – if at all – on new construction. Why? Because if you pay $10,000 under the asking price, the next […]

Top Tips That Can Help You Actually Afford to Buy a Home in California

January 7, 2020

Most people would love to buy a home but with prices skyrocketing throughout the country – and especially in California – it can seem impossible to meet this goal. At we are here to help you find the right home and we are here to advise on how you can begin to actually afford to buy your dream home. Learn More About Financing Options Before you decide you can’t afford to buy a home, take the time to find out what financing options might be available to. This step will you find out what mortgage programs you’re eligible for, how […]

5 Open-Ended Questions to Ask a Potential Mortgage Lender

December 26, 2019

As you look for the best funding options, you will likely have many questions. At we suggest that while you gather the answers you need, you are also interviewing a potential lender. Read on the following five open-ended questions to get examples of how you can gather information while also getting info about the lender. Should I Buy a Home Right Now? If the entirety of a lender’s answer about whether or not you should buy a home has to do with the real estate market then you may want to find another lender. Yes, the market is important but […]

Are You Feeling Nervous About Your Open House? Check Out Tips That Can Help You Prepare

December 19, 2019

Whether you have sold several homes or this is your first one, it is likely that you may feel nervous. After all, people will be walking through your home and judging it. The good news is that you have a great seller’s agent in . Call us now for help at or keep reading for a few tips to help you prepare. It is All About the First Impression It is often the case that potential buyers are looking at dozens of properties on the same day. They are going to make a snap decision on your home the moment […]

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